Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Whitby Resurrection | Adventure Lifestyle Photographer

Completed 1931 AJS S8 Deluxe spring 2016

John Whitby has done it again. It was only November 2014 that Greg Williams and I had our piece published (Motorcycle Classics Nov/Dec 2014) on John's 1962 Rickman Scrambler. This project was one of the finest restos I have ever seen, in fact possibly better than the original "out of the crate" condition of 62'. Only two years later he has done it again....

 The "bare bones" in spring 2015

I got the call in spring of 2015 and Greg suggested we should do a before and after for John's new project, a 1931 AJS and come back to it when it was complete. I don't think it was even a year from March 2015 (I first shot the bare bones) to when John had finished the full restore in spring of this year. As usual John did an amazing job replicating the original creation and adding a little of his own style.

John Whitby getting ready to kick it over.

I am a big fan of John's work and so glad Greg gave me the call. It is awesome to work closely with so much of the talent in our local MC community and the piece in this months (Motorcycle Classics Sept/Oct 2016) looks great. If your into bikes make sure you go out and get this months issue and give it a read. Greg Williams is one of the finest motorcycle writers/ historians in North America and its an honour working with him.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Starting Over | Canadian Lifestyle Photographer

 Brandon Alberts, Brad and Ryan Fleischer are Flaysher

Over the last few years my work at AirdrieLife Magazine has given me the opportunity to connect with some very interesting and talented people. Some even continue to be friends and eventually we get to work together again. One group that I always enjoy working with is the Fleischer boys from the Airdrie band "Storm". However I should say that they are no longer called Storm. After years with that name, dealing with the trouble of such a generic search term (in social media) and a new album on the racks, the guys have a new name.

Brad Fleischer, Ryan Fleischer and Brandon Alberts are now rockin into the future as Flaysher (a play on the brothers' names). With the new release on the way this summer the guys met with me in the late spring to get a little street and studio work done. Make sure you check them out at their Facebook Page and give the new album a spin on itunes.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ad Work | Canadian Lifestyle Photographer

Last fall I was asked to solve some imaging needs for an agency that had an office in Calgary. Adfarm had asked me to use some of my farm contacts in the area to provide the right look for a pair of models for a specific look in a spring ad.

I can't give a lot of details but a screen shot of the piece can be seen above. A couple I have worked with in the past and get to photograph their family every year. Awesome people.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer Update | Canadian Adventure Photographer

As crazy as things can get here in Alberta these days I have to say I have had a pretty good summer so far. Some quality time with the family managing a Christian camp we work with in the Waiperous Valley, Lots of white water kayaking and the usual great clients we work with.

Foothills Magic making a few last low precipitation super-cells before the end of the season.

Normally at this time of the year I would be finishing up a 2 month season of storm chasing but not this year. As dramatic as the weather has been it is not like it was a few years back. The weather is always changing and so is my life and I just do not have the time for all the cool things I like to do. It is nice to look at storms on radar and chat with some of the old team, maybe warn a few people but it is just no longer my focus.

Couple campers get a devotional from their LTD at Gull Lake Camp.

Every year I get to spend a day at Gull Lake Camp and add to the library of images for this amazing place. Always so great to spend time with Steve and see the impact God is having on these campers and LTD's. So much energy and fun, I always look forward to it.

Treffrey Deerfoot (great grandson of the Deerfoot Trail namesake) dancing at EAP.

Stampede is big around here and as much as I like to spend the week away from the city I cover one event for a great client in the city. Eighth Ave Place and their event management group had me back for another year to photograph their mid-day stampede party which had the Blackfoot Medicine Dance crew back as well as country singer George Canyon.

Bow River fly-fishing guide Ryan Lees catching the last rays of sun along the Bow at Policeman's Flats

It has taken some time but I am back working on my own project to produce some new and conceptual adventure lifestyle stock and working with two very different but interesting sport fishermen on the Bow River. There is something about fishing that is almost medicinal and I think it may be one of those outlets where you can quickly shed the stress of the daily grind and lose yourself in "the nature". I can see myself dropping the camera and throwing a few casts myself.

I hope you have had a good summer and it hasn't sped by to fast. If you are feeling like your missing out then you might want to jump on some of the fine days we could have left before the cubs are back in school and the days begin to cool.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A New Piece Of History | Canadian Lifestyle Photographer

Although I do not live in the Bow Valley I can say that I have had the honour to witness several occasions of history and be a part of some things that will go down in history.

Meghan Ward and Dee Larosa take a quick break before the night starts.

Last night marked the official release of the Canadian Rockies Annual produced by Crowfoot Media in Banff. This beautiful coffee-table style soft cover is a collection of the best that the Rockies has to offer in art, writing, photography and personalities that make this place special.

A collection of this kind is important for the simple fact that years from now, those reading back into history will appreciate the glimpse into our culture as it is now. Instead of compiling from memories, history is being written now. And thanks to the hard work and vision of these two ladies, some of it has been recorded here now. Congratulations Meghan Ward Zizka and Dee Larosa for heading up an amazing piece of Bow Valley history.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mothers Day Sessions | Canadian Lifestyle Portraits

Not your average portrait sessions.....

Unless that is what your into. But the great thing about the type of work I do and people I meet is we get to do something different. Whether it's for a magazine or commercial campaign or just a private session, it's fun to capture who you really are. Especially if you have a lifestyle or favourite pastime/ recreation you would love to focus on.

 Sessions are 1-2 hours on location and include clothing change if needed. Geared towards your lifestyle and pre-planned like we would a magazine shoot. Session is $350 (plus gst) and custom prints or other products can be ordered from a private preview page on the web (or you may purchase the digitals outright for $100). Contact us for any questions or to book and plan your session.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Field Of Dreams | Canadian Adventure Photographer

A few weeks back I was able to spend an afternoon shooting with an athlete who I have had my eye on for some time now. I have known George Boutsikakis for years from the kite-skiing community and finally got him out for a kite-sesh near Crossfield. The area close to where I live on the foothills is amazing for field kite-skiing (when there is snow) and I wanted to get George out for a test shoot and try something new with the strobes. Sometime you need a real athlete or someone who is really good at what they do so that you can achieve exactly what you are looking for.

George Boutsikakis soars at dusk near Crossfield, AB
I love working with pros, especially when they take that extra step and go hard for the camera. This day was no exception. The temps were coming up fast and we could see the snow melting in the warm chinook wind. This would be the last day the foothills would see snow from the fall and by the end of the session there was almost nothing left.

George Boutsikakis styling it up as the sun goes down. Crossfield, AB
This meant that the snow was supper saturated and wet. Wet snow can cause suction under a snowboard and George kept telling me it was slowing him down. Mix that with high gusts up to 40km/hr and things start to become dangerous. Never the less as the sun dropped below the western sky, George pushed himself and blasted a few jumps over the 10 foot tree along the fence line. I realized I would have only a few frames to do this and managed to get the money-shot on the first one. What a great feeling.

Thanks again to an amazing athlete, George Boutsikakis for pushing the limits...even on a test shoot. Awesome.